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For the love of square paper

Ever since I found this watercolor pad at the odious Hobby Lobby store I’ve been in love. This pad is 140 lbs. And only 6” square, which motivates me to actually finish my drawings. When I was a teen, I always wanted to do album covers for the music business. Well, now that there is neither any such thing as a music business nor album art, this pad which is slightly larger than CD jewel box, lets me at least pretend that I have fulfilled my dream. All of the homages I’ve done, some of which are seen on my Big Brown Sketchbook blog, have been done using this pad. Strathmore has some square format watercolor pads that are larger, 10” square. A that size is more taxing on my attention span. I’m going to search around to see if there’s a 6” size from them. And did I mention that size is scannable?

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Had been planning this for months & as usual, fear & doubt of my own abilities kept me from even starting it, and darn near kept me from finishing it! In the end this project has exceeded expectations - after I finally quit being scared of it and just sat down and did it.

It’s weird, but I see after I’ve photographed it how it actually does resemble a watercolor in some ways even though it’s not. It’s oil pastel drawn on 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper. After I signed it and photographed it (a chore in its own right) I sandwiched it in between two foamcore sheets and sent it off to the Boston area where, apparently, I have made someone very happy. I was very excited for my dearest friend to finally see it, and even more excited to learn he had been moved to tears by this unexpected surprise. I love you, Bubs!

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Getting There…

This is the drawing a little further along. I’m really pleased, but if I never see another dogwood again, it’ll be too soon! I think I’ve found the key to actually drawing with oil pastels, which if you’re familiar with the medium can be rather cumbersome when it comes to details. I figured out that if I want the precision of, say, my colored pencils, I have to treat the oil pastel stick like a pencil and apply it accordingly. That approach has worked very well. If I had done this in colored pencil, I would have gained precision but lost a LOT of time in layering, layering, and more layering. I’m appreciating the relative speed of oil pastel!

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