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My Daughter Symphony


My mom sent me these pics today, she is taking care of her while im in ny…isn’t she biiiggg!!! i miss her soo much!!! :/

Genevieve’s sweet little pet bunny reminds me of the wild rabbits we have out at Hafer Park where I go walking (when it isn’t roasting temperature outside). I feel so bad for the wild life out there in this crazy heat. The ducks at least have their pond to keep cool, although it’s got to be like swimming in bath water! I wonder how much trouble I’d get in for going out into the wooded area and sticking the contents of a nice, cool bag of baby carrots under one of the pine trees out there for the rabbits. They’ve got signs posted saying “do not feed”, but it’s so hot, even the trees are suffering. My wild “pets” are the only ones I have!

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