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The Murder of Michael Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray on Trial

This is CNN’s online home for HLN and In Session on truTV’s up-to-the minute, comprehensive coverage of the trial of Conrad Murray.  CNN’s anchors, analysts and producers are teaming up here for trial reporting and observations that stretch from what witnesses and attorneys are saying in the L.A. court room to what you’re saying in the office break room. And yeah, I re-titled the page.

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Rollercoaster ride

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions yesterday evening! Going from the sheer elation of the success of Nile’s surgery to the news of Nick Ashford’s untimely death leaving me utterly gobsmacked, to use an amusing but appropriate British terminology! Then to read Asia Ashford’s devastating tweet “I can’t believe I lost my daddy,” left me gutted. Played Motown all night long after I went to educate the clueless young people who this lion of a man was who just left us.

I suppose I could be flippant and say “two songwriting legends left us yesterday, but it could have easily been three,” but that just wouldn’t be right. As grateful as I am that Nile Rodgers survived his sudden surgery and is resting & on the road to recovery, his issues are not the only ones that matter in this world, and  I cannot ignore the pain someone’s family is feeling today. My best friend, who is a huge Peggy Lee fan, gave me her “Peggy Lee sings Leiber & Stoller” CD, that one will be on rotation today.

Valerie Simpson has lost the love of her life, Asia & her sister a loving father. Ashford & Simpson truly did have a relationship that was “solid as a rock”, made even more poignant by the shocking news of Will and Jada Smith’s breakup. I hope that Valerie & the girls at least had some time to come to terms with their loss, as I myself come to terms with the soundtrack of my childhood & young adulthood being erased bit by bit by bit.

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