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Sorting by Hashtag

With people visiting my blog for different reasons, I thought I’d take a minute to point out the usefulness of a hashtag in a format such as this. I have now enabled a search tool on my blog. If you are interested in my writing, search my blog for #writing; similar tags have been placed for those interested in my #drawing, my #cooking, my #music #videos, and my #art. I hope to also make room for #nature or #outdoors, #travel, and #cars soon, too.

Actually, I go back and forth between Tumblr and Twitter, but Tumblr does NOT use the pound symbol # at all but using it here makes the writing make more sense.

I’m really glad Tumblr is here, I wish this was here back when I had The Mathis Chronicles, but it seems I was blogging before the word even existed; the format fit perfectly. I may yet transfer parts of TMC into a new blog just so something will be out there for the people to educate themselves with concerning Johnny Mathis. But admittedly that is not my focus right now. I’m focusing on me, letting people know who I am, what interests me, what I care about.

I’m going to be putting more and more of my writing and poetry on here, and yes, book exerpts from my favorite books or books I’m currently reading. It can be confusing, I know, because I will “binge” on my subjects, a couple weeks of drawing, a couple weeks of writing, a couple weeks of this, a couple weeks of that. Bear in mind too that a lot of what I want to put on here is work that I wrote up to 20 years ago.

Older artwork may appear as well. I would love to put my #photography on here, but there is  a nasty habit people have of thinking whatever they may find on the Internet and Flickr is theirs for the taking - some even put their own watermark on it as if to claim it for themselves! I don’t know - it’s sounds so possessive and territorial and I don’t want to be! But I am. :-(  Reblogging is one thing. Claiming you did the work is another!

So just to warn my beloved readers, this will not be one of those blogs that has one subject one style, or one format. I’m not like that myself, as I mention in the “what’s it all about” section.

Thanks for visiting!

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