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#MJFam Michael Amir Williams vs AEG

The suit contends AEG never paid Jackson’s staff as required in the January 2009 contract with Jackson.

"After the contract was signed and performance begun, Michael Jackson had problems keeping up with the pace of Tour’s rigorous schedule and physical…

That’s all Michael Jackson was to AEG: merchandise.

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I’m very concerned about the plight of the international global warming phenomenon. I knew it was coming, but I wish it had gotten people’s interest sooner. But it’s never too late. It’s been described as a runaway train; if we don’t stop it, we’ll never get it back. So we have to fix it, now. That’s what I was trying to do with ‘Earth Song’, ‘Heal the World’, ‘We Are The World’, writing those songs to open up people’s consciousnesses. I wish people would listen to every word.
Michael Jackson, as told to Ebony Magazine in an article published December 2007

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#MJFam MUST WATCH !! The truth about MJ’s worries about his half of the Sony/ATV Catalog being taken away from him and his time spent with his Family few weeks before his death !!

The Rev. Al Sharpton speaks truth as usual

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I always loved Michael’s hair long and black. Even when he didn’t “look black” anymore, he was compelling. He knew skin color was cosmetic, and he was someone, maybe the only one, who could transcend race. But make no mistake. He knew who he was.

(Source: b-marco)

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#MJFam Who was supporting MJ in the moment of need ?

Who were speaking out loud to defend MJ’s good name from lies ?

Where Sony, Branca etc. where when MJ needed to be supported ?

I do NOT see any Branca , Sony , lawyers, business men, defending  MJ in interviews …do you ? I just see HIS Family doing so !

Right on!

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#MJFam AEG trial verdict has been screwed up by the wordings of the questions given to the jury…questions that i think both lawyers agreed on. Obviously AEG’s lawyers won that important round :-/

True that

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There is only this truth :

- AEG Guilty

- MJ Estate , Sony, AEG , a System behind MJ , that controlled and still controls MJ’s and MJ’s family lives and finances .

There are so many single fans in #MJFam that everyday demands and push for justice and inform others .

#AEGGuilty #JusticeforMJ


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