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Yes, The Jacksons are LOVED, even without MJ

Young people need to understand two things. 1) Michael Jackson has his own Facebook page, so if they want to moan & cry about how much they “miss” him they need to do it over there. 2) Those of us OLDER Jackson 5 fans were MJ fans FROM THE GET-GO. THE BEGINNING. WE are the ones who BOUGHT those records with hard-to-come-by allowance money so that they could HAVE those first 4 number one hits out of the box. We memorized Michael-Marlon-Jermaine-Tito-Jackie to where we knew them better than our own relatives’ names. The Jackson 5 had fans, the Jacksons had fans and they continue to have fans, and not just because of our beloved Michael.

If you grew up in that time, and bought the teen magazines, and bought the 45 records and the 33 LPs and the 8 tracks, then you sorely miss that music and I for one am ecstatic they have decided to come back.

Would the show be awesome with Michael? Of course! It was exciting to see MJ with his five brothers for his 30th anniversary show at MSG. We ALL wish he were here with us, or vice versa. But don’t come on The Jacksons’ Facebook and be mad - or surprised - because the brothers have an audience for their music even without MJ because they had one IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If you will never understand that, well, that’s YOUR problem. In the meantime, NOBODY who actually went to the shows from Detroit, Apollo, AC and Englewood have had ANYTHING bad to say about the show that I can find, and I’ve been looking.

As for me, I’m scrambling to figure out which show in the Unity Tour I can afford to go see, since I haven’t had income for a while, and what I can do without to go see it, because the next time around there maybe even FEWER of them and I want to give them their thousand roses and thank them while they are still ALIVE.

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