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Early version of Puss in Boots?

No, this is Jinx the cat, and he was about 70 years before Puss. Jinx was a good friend of Freddy the Pig and often joined Freddy on his adventures.

Jinx, like Puss in Boots, often finds himself walking on two legs rather than four. Now of course Puss isn’t a character that the Shrek producers came up with - the original Puss in Boots much older than even Jinx - but I have to wonder if the latest incarnation of him wasn’t at least partially influenced by Kurt Wiese’s  Jinx the Cat.

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Freddy the Pig

As I understand it, Freddy the Pig was popular in the late 1920s. (Gosh, can’t just say the “20’s” anymore because they are fast approaching!) He was a character created by Walter Brooks and illustrated by Kurt Wiese, who also illustrated Felix Salten’s Bambi. I found a treasury of these drawings at Half Price Books for ONE DOLLAR.

Well as they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Back in the day, children’s book illustration was done in pen & ink because color was expensive and usually only saved for the Sunday newspapers or for the covers of books and magazines. Line work was and remains, inexpensive to reproduce.

I envy the book illustrators of those times. It was a golden age when an illustrator could make a decent living. Well, WHITE illustrators could, anyway! Still, they had the opportunity to hone their craft and get paid for doing so, and that’s opportunity we just don’t have nowadays. Worse, computers have taken the skill and craftsmanship out of the profession and cheapened the art in the process.

I can learn from Kurt Wiese’s drawings. The pen & ink work is extraordinary. Just look:

Such draftsmanship from what was undoubtedly dip pen work! This is why I bought the book, besides the steal of a price. I want to learn from Mr. Wiese, and work at recreating his drawings and thus improve my ability to render shading and shadows in ink! In this $1 book there are almost 200 pages of black & white drawings to copy and learn from. I of course no longer use my crowquill and instead use a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen in various thicknesses. It just is more convenient and I can work in bed if need be, which appeals to me as I am under-the-weather. If I do enough these I should be able to render most anything convincingly in pen and ink.

So while I’m sorry nobody values this book or this particular artists’ drawings, as evidenced by the giveaway price, I’m glad Half Price Books had so many of these to sell! It was a providential find.

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First project of children’s book class! Basically to pick a less known fairy tale and illustrate it. I chose Sweet Porridge otherwise known as The Magic Porridge Pot. Originally I was aiming for 4 spreads and 1 illustration but due to time constraints and other classes I only ended up with 1 illustration and 2 spreads. These illustrations are somewhat finished, I might go and add a few more details though. The other spread that I managed to finish for crit needs a bit more tweaking. A bit disappointed that I didn’t finish the others on time but I think I’ll try and finish them during my break. C:

This is an exercise I could do. I might illustrate Jungle Book - the non-Disney version. Maybe even the Shonen Mowgli version.

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