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For the love of square paper

Ever since I found this watercolor pad at the odious Hobby Lobby store I’ve been in love. This pad is 140 lbs. And only 6” square, which motivates me to actually finish my drawings. When I was a teen, I always wanted to do album covers for the music business. Well, now that there is neither any such thing as a music business nor album art, this pad which is slightly larger than CD jewel box, lets me at least pretend that I have fulfilled my dream. All of the homages I’ve done, some of which are seen on my Big Brown Sketchbook blog, have been done using this pad. Strathmore has some square format watercolor pads that are larger, 10” square. A that size is more taxing on my attention span. I’m going to search around to see if there’s a 6” size from them. And did I mention that size is scannable?

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