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Because being older does not mean having no value

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Back in the ’90s, not only did I entertain the idea of working for myself,
but I also entertained the idea of my own foreign language book store. It
would have untranslated literature from all over the world that nobody in
America had ever read before. Books like Cervantes’ Don Quixote in the
original 15th century Spanish, which even modern day Spaniards would have a
hard time with. Or, Jorge Amado’s Jubiaba and his other novels in their
original Brazilian Portuguese. Or Alexandre Dumas’ books in their original
French. Nowadays I suppose I would have included Middle Eastern culture and
poetry. Imagine the literature from India that Western culture has never
seen or read before! It would have been a bookstore for people like me who
love the world’s languages and not just my own. Sigh. But, in this age of
Kindle I have let my dream die. Nobody likes physical books anymore.
Besides, a bookstore isn’t exactly location independent, and I’m the kind
that wouldn’t like to be tied down by a brick & mortar building, despite
the fact that I don’t ever seem to go anywhere anymore.

I used to go to eBay when eBay was young and buy readers in other
languages. Readers are books that help you get used to a written language,
based on how advanced you are in the language. I collected beginner’s and
intermediate French readers, Spanish readers (Mexican Spanish, that is); I
looked high and low for Portuguese readers because I was all about
Brazilian culture at one time and still wish to visit. They have amazing
stories in them even though they are only readers. I of course have
language instruction books, too; I figured if I was going to sell the book
that I would know how to read what was in them. I want to cry when I think
of letting these books go. I love old books so much! :-(